Kate Middleton Looks Radiant In Polka Dot Dress

Wow, most women are doing well if they’ve managed to drag a comb through their hair in the days after they’ve given birth but the Duchess of Cambridge looked flawless.

Kate wore a blue polka dots Dress which was by one of her favourite designers Jenny Packham.

The bespoke dress was made especially for what must surely have been one of Kate’s happiest moments.

We will of course never know if a pink version was made up, ‘just in case’.

Kate’s outfit choice will no doubt draw comparisons with the green polka dot Catherine Walker outfit that Princess Diana wore 31 years ago when she gave the world their first glance of Prince William.

Kate’s outfit was fresh, modern and elegant, exactly what we’ve come to expect.

Congratulations on your new baby boy, May you have many happy times to come!